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Seasonal/Holiday Scents

Seasonal/Holiday Scents

Little Wing Candle Co
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  • Sopapilla - warm buttered tortilla, sugared cinnamon, a touch of honey
  • Boxing Day - a pop of fresh grapefruit with a base of pine needles
  • All Hallows’ Eve - crystallized ginger, golden amber, cinnamon, cardamom
  • Sunday Brunch - pumpkin waffles, maple syrup, pecans, roasted apple, spice
  • Cardigan - soft flannel, autumn air, green apple, mint
  • Rhiannon - pomander, peppercorn
  • Bonfire Night - Roasted apple, vanilla musk, cedar wood, brown sugar, pine, crackling fire, resin
  • Bravery & Chivalry: very warm and sugary, yet musky and slightly smoky. Fragrance notes: toasted marshmallow, sugared waffle cone, amber, and sandalwood
  • Hagrid’s Hut: bourbon, honey, tea, and warm cornbread
  • The Burrow: caramel, chipotle, warm strudel, kitchen spice



  • O Christmas Tree! - it’s a blend of all your favorites—birch, spruce, and fir!
  • I Smell Snow - Back from our Gilmore Girl collection! Fragrance notes: peppermint, evergreen, light citrus
  • Christmas Cookies - What’s better than gingerbread and sugar cookies?l
  • Comfort & Joy - This blend is all things Christmas. Spices, orange zest, bayberry, cranberry… it reminds me of Canton Trade Days at Christmas time!

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