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Friends Limited Edition Scents

Friends Limited Edition Scents

Little Wing Candle Co
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  1. Christmas in NYC - this is a fun, icy, energizing scent that makes me feel like I’m 20something and prancing through Manhattan in the falling snow. Fragrance notes: marshmallow fluff, peppermint, vanilla sugar
  2. Monica’s Apartment - this soothing, herbal scent is very crisp and clean, yet festive! Fragrance notes: eucalyptus, peppermint, pine needles, white cedar
  3. Smelly Cat - this snuggly laundry scent will make you feel like you’re being serenaded by a vegetarian and her guitar. Fragrance notes: autumn sage, creamy cashmere, vanilla almond milk.
  4. How You Doin? - This is a very complex, sexy, warm cologne scent that will make you feel like you’re falling in love. Fragrance notes: oak-matured cognac, candied pralines, sandalwood, vanilla tonka, cinnamon
  5. Central Park Cafe: this is a very strong holiday coffee scent that will make you feel like Gunther is pouring you a fresh cup. Fragrance notes: cappuccino, cinnamon, fresh cream
  6. Holiday Armadillo: this scent will make you feel like a fresh batch of ginger snaps are baking in the oven! Fragrance notes: ginger cookies, spice
  7. He’s Your Lobster: this masculine, earthy scent is my interpretation of what Ross smells like. Fragrance notes: spiced santal, cardamom, dark amber
  8. New Year’s Rockin Eve: This smells like a night spent watching Dick Clark and choreographing a dance. Fragrance notes: sparkling champagne, pomegranate, sugared berries, tangerine
  9. I Hate Rachel Club: this scent smells like Brad Pitt showing up to your apartment to tell you he’s always hated you. Fragrance notes: sweet potatoes, brown sugar, sandalwood, maple syrup
  10. Rachel’s Trifle: this scent smells like a tradition Christmas dessert, minus the beef sautéed in peas and onions. Fragrance notes: raspberry jam, vanilla custard, lady fingers, whipped cream
  11. Chandler Bing: this scent was created in memory of the late Matthew Perry and is an interpretation of what I think Chandler would smell like. Fragrance notes: vanilla amber wood, a touch of smoke, rum, coffee, vetiver, spiced sugar cane

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