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January 2023 New Release Wax Melt Sample Singles

January 2023 New Release Wax Melt Sample Singles

Little Wing Candle Co
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You want to try a new scent, but you're afraid to commit and make a purchase before you know what it smells like... Totally understandable! Order a sample and have a single 1 oz wax cube shipped right to your door!

  1. Guest House - a dupe of Tyler Candle Company’s High Maintenance with my own special twist! This is a gorgeous, crisp, earthy linen scent. Fragrance notes: Egyptian cotton, patchouli, musk
  2. Sanctuary - a dupe of Tyler Candle Company’s Diva with my own special twist! This intoxicating blend is another bestselling laundry and home scent. Fragrance notes: airy florals, amber, citrus rind, with a hint of cacao.
  3. JIREH - the scent Burn Book is making a comeback with a new name! This is a warm, cozy, woody, sultry scent. Fragrance notes: chestnut, crackling fire, smoked vanilla
  4. Love & Light - very sweet and fruity, like the sherbet punch served at baby showers. Fragrance notes: citrus, pineapple, cilantro
  5. From Eden - named after the song by Hozier, this is the only floral scent I actually love enough to burn on my own home. Light, airy, addictive—it smells like home. Fragrance notes: mokara orchid, hyacinth, breeze accord
  6. The Maker - this is a very realistic, natural, velvety sandalwood scent that stands alone as the best sandalwood scent ever! It smells like a workshop.
  7. The Inside Job - this blend smells like the bar top of a beautiful, historical cocktail lounge. Fragrance notes: rum, coffee, vetiver, cyanide accord, orange blossom, sugar cane, sandalwood.
  8. Lift Every Voice - named after the spiritual anthem by Michael Cooper, this scent is dedicated to the hope of love and unity. A beautiful, crowd-pleasing blend that everyone will love! Fragrance notes: spun sugar, Moroccan cashmere, shea butter, warm amber
  9. Good Days - named after the song by Sza, this blend is a feel-good, fruity, fun scent. Fragrance notes: Fuji apple, nectar, leaf
  10. In Your Atmosphere - named after the song by John Mayer, this is a very crisp, clean, sparkly, effervescent scent blend. Fragrance notes: bergamot, white tea, grapefruit, vetiver, white musk
  11. Emily’s Closet - this dupe of Baccarat 540 will be available in candle/wax melt form permanently!
  12. PTL - this acronym could stand for Passion Tea Lemonade, or Praise The Lord (depending on your preferences). Fragrance notes: dragonfruit, mango, peach, tea leaves, floral petals
  13. Shrike - named after the Hozier song, this scent smells like the desert when it rains. Fragrance notes: agave nectar, wet creosote, hot petrichor, earthy greens

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