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The Office Limited Edition Fragrances

The Office Limited Edition Fragrances

Little Wing Candle Co
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November’s limited edition fragrance Line is inspired by NBC’s hit sitcom, The Office! ☕️

  1. Schrute Farms - cedar, spiced fruit, pine, crisp autumn air
  2. Pretzel Day - buttered soft pretzel, salted caramel, marshmallow topping
  3. Finer Things Club - black tea, cashmere, labdunam
  4. Ryan Started the Fire - smoldering pipe tobacco, smoke, light spice, dark woods
  5. Pam’s Teapot - spiced winter tea, lemon zest, chamomile 
  6. Threat Level Midnight - dark blue citrus, bay leaf, green tobac 
  7. Serenity by Jan - lavender, black amber, jasmine petals, sandalwood, musk
  8. Dinner Party - cranberry, spice, pear brandy, tart lemon, red wine
  9. Goodbye, Toby - ripe pear, freesia, driftwood, white musk 
  10. Sprinkles - coconut snowballs, white sponge cake, buttercream frosting
  11. Party Planning committee - freshly-baked ginger snaps, eggnog
  12. Updog - black cardamom, Irish cream
  13. Holly’s Sweater - wood sage, sea salt, holly berries 
  14. Scott’s Tots - library, textbooks, a promising future



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