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The following fragrance blends are hand-blended and completely exclusive to Little Wing Candle Co.!

NEW! Space Cowboy: Inspired by the Kacey Musgraves song, this blend is masculine-leaning, clean, and very fresh. Fragrance notes: citrus zest, tea leaves, morning mist, tonka bean, vetiver root, shaved rosewood, crushed cedre, and black amber resin.

NEW! Butterflies: Inspired by the Kacey Musgraves song, this blend is bright, happy, sweet, and fruity. It reminds me of the taste of peach rings! Fragrance notes: sparkling moscato, fresh strawberries, raspberries, and peach nectar. 

NEW! Golden Girl: This fragrance is crisp, complex, and very bright and energetic. It smells like the color canary yellow! Fragrance notes: Italian lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, green tea, fig nectar, sparkly pink pepper, jasmine, and a low base of cedar wood. 

NEW! Made New: This fragrance is very hard to describe, but comparable to Dreft detergent. It is is a clean, fresh laundry scent that is not powdery or hand-soapy. It smells like the color aqua blue. Fragrance notes: apple blossom, soft linen.

NEW! Calypso: This fragrance is decadent, rich, warm, and glowy--just like a sun goddess! This blend is highly addictive and has become my personal favorite. Fragrance notes: warm coconut, gentle florals, slight citrus, vanilla bean. It smells like sunshine and warmth.

NEW! Persephone: This fragrance is dark, sexy, complex, and upscale. Fragrance notes: dark rose, peppered plum, black raspberry, vanilla bean, musk. It is a very sophisticated smell and will likely surprise you.

Butt Rub/Bad & Bougie: This fragrance isn't a blend; it's the exact dupe for Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, a very popular body lotion sold at high-end cosmetic stores. This scent is absolutely irresistible and loved by many, including myself. Fragrance notes: caramel, pistachio, cashmere.

Gucci Belt: When your teenager asks for one, hand them this instead! It is a delicious blend of genuine leather and creamy, sweet vanilla. This one flies off the shelves at boutiques!

On My Way!: This is the fragrance you're going to want to burn as soon as your partner texts you that they are on their way home--they will think you've been cleaning and doing laundry all day instead of bingeing Hulu for 6 hours. This fragrance is very fresh and clean while also being slightly warm, woody, and glowy. Fragrance notes: bamboo, chestnut, teakwood, birch.

Girls' Trip: This blend is really fun! When I smell it, I feel like I'm shopping with my mom or packed in a car with all my girl friends and their luggage. It's a mixture of leather and very bougie, boutique-y perfume. Fragrance notes: genuine leather, rose, jasmine, bright citrus.

Honeymoon: This very fruity/fun fragrance blend smells as if you're on the beach somewhere with a drink in your hand! Fragrance notes: citrus, nectarine, pink coral, agave.

Crushed Coral: This is my personal dupe for the ever-popular Volcano candles but with my own personal twist. Fragrance notes: sweet tangerine, pineapple, bay leaf. Very bright and sparkly, and slightly more herbaceous.

Neon Moon: This candle is inspired by Kacey Musgraves' cover of the original Brooks & Dunn song we all love. It smells very fresh, airy, and clean, and it's one that I burn often in my home. Fragrance notes: salt water, orchid, plum, dark musk.

Secret Garden: Though this scent is very light and airy, it has a very powerful scent throw. Inspired by the classic novel, this very fresh/clean blend is perfect for my master bedroom. Fragrance notes: garden mint, olive leaves, fig leaves, light citrus.

Summer Storm: This fragrance is slightly masculine and very dark/herbal. It's earthy and deep and smells very comforting. Fragrance notes: mahogany, teakwood, black amber, lavender.

Bake Sale: This candle smells like the PTO is preparing for a bake sale fundraiser right in your kitchen! Fragrance notes: banana nut bread, pecan pie, cinnamon buns.

Poker Table: Inspired by one of our favorite movies, Tombstone. It smells like you're sitting right beside Doc Holliday at the poker table. Fragrance notes: whiskey, suede, and smoke. Very smoky and boozy.

Bilbo's Place: Inspired by our favorite series Lord of the Rings. It smells like you're sitting in the Shire with a cup of tea, reading a good book. Fragrance notes: library, sweet grass, violet. It's very airy and bright.

Hot Tub & Sangria: I made this candle on a whim, and it is one of my best-sellers. Fragrance notes: brandied pears, citrus, cranberry. Very sweet and fruity.

Monica's Apartment: Inspired by our favorite show, Friends. Fragrance notes: clementine, watermint, fresh cucumber, tomato leaf. This candle smells very clean, fresh, and garden-y.

Serenity by Jan: Inspired by my favorite show The Office, this blend smells like an earthy mix of lavender, white sage, and rosemary. It's very herbaceous, just like diffusing essential oils.

Central Park Cafe: Also inspired by Friends. Smells just like a coffee shop! Fragrance notes: cappuccino espresso, pastries, antique orange couch (hee hee).

David's Apothecary: Inspired by the show Schitt's Creek. Fragrance notes: Egyptian amber, dry gin, cypress. Woody, clean, more masculine scent.

Head Coach: Inspired by my dream guy! Fragrance notes: birch wood, black pepper, vetiver, bergamot, black tea. It smells sexy and sultry, like a romantic night in with the perfect man.

Chandler's Choice: If you would like to be surprised with a brand new, unreleased scent, let me know! I have many more blends coming soon!

Wind Therapy - Inspired by and dedicated to my parents and their love for all things Harley Davidson. Fragrance notes: leather, balsam, cedar wood. Smells like riding your bike down a mountain road.

Barn Doors & Shiplap - Inspired by Chip & JoAnna. Fragrance notes: magnolia flower, gardenia, fresh roses, jasmine, and rain. Smells very floral, bright, and sweet—like something you would smell in a freshly remodeled home.

Lifeguard - Fragrance notes: coconut, vanilla, cashmere, mahogany. Slightly masculine and cologne-y. Smells like being wrapped up in safe arms. 😉

Simply the Zest - Fragrance notes: bergamot, coriander, lemongrass. Smells fresh, bright, and lemony, like ice cold lemon water on a hot day.