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✨Emma's Version✨

The following fragrances are LWCC's version of popular scents that you might recognize from other brands we love! 

Guest House - our version of Tyler Candle Company’s cult classic High Maintenance. This is a gorgeous, crisp, earthy linen scent. Fragrance notes: Egyptian cotton, patchouli, musk

Sanctuary - our version of Tyler Candle Company’s bestselling scent Diva. This intoxicating blend is another bestselling laundry and home scent. Fragrance notes: green musk, amber, citrus rind, and a hint of fennel  

Emily’s Closet - our version of the widely beloved fragrance Baccarat Rouge 540. This is a very sweet, seductive, floral, and fruity "It-Girl" scent. Fragrance notes: saffron petals, warm amber, citrus rinds, rose hips

Girls' Trip: Our version of Bridgewater Candle's Sweet Grace. This scent is feminine, clean, and perfect for laundry or creating an inviting scent in a clean home. Fragrance notes: amber, sugared rose petals, patchouli, jasmine

Beth: our version of Sol de Janiero's Bom Dia Bright fragrance; it's a dark, seductive, sultry perfume scent that has become a fast bestseller. Fragrance notes: dark plum, rich bourbon, vanilla woods, pink musk

Golden Girl: Our version of Replica's Under the Lemon Tree scent. This fragrance is crisp, complex, and very bright and energetic. It smells like the color canary yellow! Fragrance notes: Italian lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, green tea, fig nectar, sparkly pink pepper, jasmine, and a low base of cedar wood.

Made New: Our version of Dreft's Active Baby detergent fragrance. It is is a clean, fresh laundry scent that is not powdery or hand-soapy. It's slightly fruity and aquatic. Fragrance notes: apple blossom, soft linen.

Butt Rub: Our version of Sol de Janiero's Bum Bum scent. This fragrance smells like sunshine and is absolutely irresistible; warm, seductive, and slightly clean and powdery. Fragrance notes: caramel, pistachio, cashmere.

Assassin: Our version of Le Labo's Santal 33. This scent is woody, fresh, clean, gender-neutral and perfect for home or laundry. Fragrance notes: santal, cardamom, saffron, ambrox

The Rich Homie: Our version of Aventus by Creed, this scent is fruity, bright, slightly masculine-leaning, and has a cult following. The clean smell of success - notes of pineapple, black currant, bergamot, and apple provide a fizzy, clean vibe while patchouli, oak moss, birch, ambergris, musk and vanilla anchor this fragrance made for men but loved by everyone.

How You Doin'?: Our version of Kilian's Angel's Share, this mouth-watering scent is gourmand and also incredibly sexy, warm, and inviting. A deep, complex, almost indescribable scent. Fragrance notes: warm pralines, aged cognac, oak wood, vanilla bean


✨Custom Blends✨

The following fragrances are blended in-house and are completely proprietary to our brand. 

Sex Panther: A very clean, earthy, masculine scent--it is strong and smells like an expensive man. Fragrance notes: mint, citrus, cedarwood, amber, musk

Hair Salon: A very fresh, clean, crisp, green scent that is highly reminiscent of the sooth scent of a salon or spa. Fragrance notes: black fig, neroli, sandalwood, lavender

Cool Cowgirl: A deep blend of blackberry and earthy musk, this scent is the perfect scent for every cool girl. Fragrance notes: blackberry, tangerine, white musk

Oh Happy Day: A deep, complex orange citrus scent unlike any other you've smelled--this fragrance smells just like a blood orange but with a slightly darker scent story. Fragrance notes: blood orange, red grapefruit, rhubarb, papaya, black currant

Daylight: This scent is fruity, soft, and glowy—and has quickly become a bestseller! Fragrance notes: pear, creamy coconut, vanilla lace 

Rip: the companion blend to Beth, it’s the masculine version of a dark, seductive, boozy scent. Fragrance notes: vanilla woods, rich bourbon, dark musk

Calypso: This fragrance is decadent, rich, warm, and glowy--just like a sun goddess! This blend is highly addictive and has become my personal favorite. Fragrance notes: warm coconut, gentle florals, slight citrus, vanilla bean. It smells like sunshine and warmth.

Persephone: This fragrance is dark, sexy, complex, and upscale. Fragrance notes: dark rose, peppered plum, black raspberry, vanilla bean, musk. It is a very sophisticated smell and will likely surprise you.

Gucci Belt: When your teenager asks for one, hand them this instead! It is a delicious blend of genuine leather and creamy, sweet vanilla. This one flies off the shelves at boutiques!

Neon Moon: This candle is inspired by Kacey Musgraves' cover of the original Brooks & Dunn song we all love. It smells very fresh, airy, and clean, and it's one that I burn often in my home. Fragrance notes: salt water, orchid, plum, dark musk.

Summer Storm: This fragrance is slightly masculine and very dark/herbal. It's earthy and deep and smells very comforting. Fragrance notes: mahogany, teakwood, black amber, lavender.

Suds in the Bucket: The perfect blend of fresh laundry and bright citrus—this scent is perfect for anyone who loves a clean linen smell with a fun pop of lemon! Fragrance notes: lemon peel, sea breeze, fresh linens, white musk